Why Is My Toilet Bubbling? DIY & Common Causes

Why is your toilet gurgling? If the toilet bubbles, and or makes strange rumbling sounds that sound almost alive, you could have some serious plumbing issues. It usually occurs after flushing the toilet, or at random intervals. Sometimes, the toilet will burst and refuse to come down.

Toilets can display a range of unusual behaviors that could indicate a problem. One example is bubbling in the toilet bowl. Although symptoms may seem minor, they could indicate a more serious problem. It may require drain cleaning services to fix it.

Why Is My Toilet Bubbling? DIY & Common Causes Smiley Drain Cleaning

Do you need to panic? This problem could get worse if it isn’t addressed. The gurgling sound is caused by a blockage in your sewer line. The following article will address some of the most common questions we hear about toilet gurgling from professional plumbers:

  • What makes a toilet gurgle?
  • Is it possible for a toilet to gurgle by itself?
  • What can I do to fix my bubbling toilet problem?

What causes a toilet to gurgle?

Negative air pressure in your drain pipes can cause strange gurgling sounds. These strange gurgling sounds are caused by something blocking your drain pipes. Instead of flowing freely down the line, it pushes backward and makes these unusual sounds. There is a BIG problem. Here are the most common root causes:

  1. Toilet is blocked
  2. Clogged mainline or drain line
  3. Blocked vent pipe or stack
  4. Problem with your municipal sewer main

Toilet gurgling due to a clogged toilet

A clogged toilet is the easiest problem to fix. There may be things floating in your toilet bowl. Too much toilet paper can trap other objects in the toilet. Your children may put small toys down the toilet and cause a clogged drain. However, because they don’t dissolve in water they will remain trapped until it is removed.

How to Fix a Bubbling Toilet?

The main method is plunging into the toilet. It will take ten to fifteen strong plunges. This should be able to remove any blockages that are close to the surface and allow the wastewater to flow freely.

If this fails, you can try a drain snake or sewer snake to clear the pipe. A decent auger, if you own one is handy, but it can run you up to $300. Compare the cost of hiring a drain cleaning company to the cost of buying an auger.

If you are unable to remove the clog with plunging or from snaking, then, it is time to call a professional plumber.

Drain Line Blockage or Mainline Sewer Clog

All your drain lines connect to the main sewer line. The mainline is the connection between your drains and the main sewer drain connection. It transports all that wastewater to your city’s sewer or your own septic tank. This connection is easy to identify.

A blocked drain line can only affect one room of your house. For example, the bathroom fixtures in one space. A blocked mainline is an example of an upstairs obstruction. However, mainline obstructions can impact your entire residence.

A blocked drain line is the same as a clogged toilet. These obstructions can cause negative air pressure, gurgling, and even toilet bubbles.

Problems that are further down the mainline or drain line, where tools and equipment cannot reach it, can be much more serious. There may be several plumbing problems, including water backing up in the shower or the toilet not flushing correctly. You will need expert assistance in this situation.

How to Fix a Drain Clog or Mainline Sewer Blockage

Why Is My Toilet Bubbling? DIY & Common Causes Smiley Drain Cleaning

If the drain line is accessible, it can be unblocked with a plumbing auger in most cases. A plumber will send down a camera to locate the problem via video pipe inspection. If the blockage continues further down, like in the main line, the toilet might need to be removed in order to resolve the problem.

Sometimes they may have to dig into your yard or backyard in order to reach the damaged line and fix it. Trenchless sewer repair is what you want to have done to prevent your yard from getting torn up.

Vent Stack Blockage

The vent stack is the vertical pipe that runs up to your roof. It regulates your plumbing’s air pressure and releases exhaust gas. They are meant to be open channels at all times so that no water can flow through them.

A blocked vent stack can cause negative pressure again. A blocked vent stack can also cause slow drainage or an unpleasant smell in the sewer. Common culprits are leaves or bird’s nests. Sometimes it’s a rodent or even a small corpse. It doesn’t matter what the cause is, you have to get rid of it. It is almost impossible to fix it yourself in most cases.

How to fix a Vent stack blockage

To check for a blockage, you will need to climb on top of the roof. You can unblock the blockage yourself if it is obvious and easily accessible. Any clogs further down should be very difficult to get unplugged. If this is the case, it’s time for a plumber to be called.

The municipal sewer line is clogged

Toilet gurgles are usually caused by a clog in the municipal sewage system. However, you may also be experiencing other problems. This is the responsibility of your local municipality to fix, and not yours. This is the sewage main that drains the wastewater from your property. This is where your mainline ends. Here are pipes from other homes.

Why Is My Toilet Bubbling? DIY & Common Causes Smiley Drain Cleaning

If you think it is the municipal line, ask your neighbors if they are experiencing similar problems. Contact your municipality or water company if you believe it is the municipal line. They will fix it, not you as the homeowner.

Is a gurgling toilet possible to fix itself?

If the drain clog clears, or you clean out any debris from the vent stacks of the roof, it is possible for the gurgling sound to go away by itself. Professional plumbers will be needed if the problem is in the main sewer line.

Plumbers have specialized equipment such as cameras that drop into vent stacks or powerful sewer diggers. These can cut through tree roots and block your main sewage lines. A professional will also need to excavate and repair your yard’s main sewer line if it has collapsed or broken.

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