Why Is My Toilet Bubbling? DIY & Common Causes

Why Is My Toilet Bubbling? DIY & Common Causes Smiley Drain Cleaning

Why is your toilet gurgling? If the toilet bubbles, and or makes strange rumbling sounds that sound almost alive, you could have some serious plumbing issues. It usually occurs after flushing the toilet, or at random intervals. Sometimes, the toilet will burst and refuse to come down. Toilets can display a range of unusual behaviors…

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Does Drano Work? How Does It Work & Should I use Drano?

What does Drano Do?

You might be wondering what to do if your drain is clogged. Should I use Drano? How does Drano work? Is it going to cause damage to my pipes? This review of Drano clog removal products answers all your questions. You’ll learn: The type of clogs Drano is able to handle How Drano works How…

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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging and What to do About It

find out why my toilet clogs

There are many reasons why your toilet may have a clog and several possible causes for a toilet that keeps clogging. These include problems with your drain lines or the toilet itself. Smiley Drain Cleaning offers solutions for how to prevent clogging from happening at home. Why your toilet keeps clogging Toilet backups can be…

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The Benefits of a Plumbing Camera Inspection

plumbing camera inspection.

In the plumbing industry, video camera inspection has become standard practice. At Smiley Drain Cleaning & Plumbing, we like to make sure that quick, accurate service benefits our customers. Sewer line problems on your entire plumbing system will cause chaos. By inserting a camera attached to a long, flexible rod, video sewer line inspection enables…

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