What is the cost of replacing a sewer line? (2022-2023 Guide)

Costs to Replace Your Sewer Line

After storm damage, wear and tear, or cracking, a sewer line replacement is required. This guide will help you determine how much to pay and what ways you can save. The main sewer line in your home connects to the public wastewater system and septic tanks. Blockages in the sewer line can lead to water…

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Does Drano Work? How Does It Work & Should I use Drano?

What does Drano Do?

You might be wondering what to do if your drain is clogged. Should I use Drano? How does Drano work? Is it going to cause damage to my pipes? This review of Drano clog removal products answers all your questions. You’ll learn: The type of clogs Drano is able to handle How Drano works How…

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Why Does My Toilet Keep Clogging and What to do About It

find out why my toilet clogs

There are many reasons why your toilet may have a clog and several possible causes for a toilet that keeps clogging. These include problems with your drain lines or the toilet itself. Smiley Drain Cleaning offers solutions for how to prevent clogging from happening at home. Why your toilet keeps clogging Toilet backups can be…

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Clogged Drain Line: How To Unclog Main Sewer Line Fast

unblock your sewer line

Are you looking for ways to clear a clogged sewer line? Your sewer line is vital as it transports wastewater to the nearest treatment facility. If the main sewer line is blocked, drains can slow down or stop entirely. Depending on the extent of the blockage, homeowners may be charged over $500 by rooter and…

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