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While many versions of flushable toilets exist for centuries, the first one that most people would recognize today dates back to the 16th century. Toilet designs have evolved dramatically since then. Despite more than 300 years worth of engineering advancement, it is still a problem that toilets don’t flush all the time. It is possible to fix the problem quickly and easily by diagnosing why the toilet won’t flush and then applying the correct fix.

A clogged toilet is the problem

Clogged toilets are one of the main reasons homeowners’ toilets don’t flush correctly. Paper towels, baby wipes, and other items that shouldn’t be flushed into a toilet will often cause clogs. Other items include napkins, feminine hygiene products, and diaper liners. Clogs can be a problem with some toilet paper brands that are marketed as being stronger.

It is easy to spot a clogged toilet. When you flush the toilet, water enters and causes the level to rise. Wait a while to check if the water level drops. A drop in water level can indicate that your toilet is partially clogged. However, the lower level allows you to clean the toilet without having to splash water or bail out the bowl. These methods can be used depending on your tools and the speed at which you need to clear the obstruction.

Finding the right tools to unclog your toilet

Toilet plungers come in two types. Sink plungers come with rubber cups that look like small toilet bowls. The cups of toilet plungers are usually black and have a bell-shaped appearance. To create suction, simply insert the plunger into the cup and tilt it slightly. You should use short, rapid strokes to plunge, making sure you don’t let air in the cup or break the suction.

Toilet auger: The toilet auger works in the same way as a plumbing snake but is specifically designed to protect the toilet from accidental damage. Move the auger around by inserting the end into the toilet drain hole.

Warm water is best: You can perform a manual flush if you don’t have a toilet plunger. Warm water should be enough to fill a trash bag or other container. Then, pour the water into the bowl. Allow the water to sit for 10 minutes. You can try adding a bit of liquid dish detergent to the drain. Wait another 20-30 minutes to check if the detergent provides enough lubrication for the clogs to pass through the pipe.

The Flapper Assembly is the Problem

Check your toilet handle or flapper assembly if your toilet isn’t flushing correctly. The flushing lever is attached to the tank lid by a chain. The flapper valve is the other end of this chain. It’s made of rubber. The toilet flapper is lifted when you press the lever. This allows water to flow into the bowl.

Sometimes, the flapper chain can slip off its hook and cause the toilet to not flush. This is one of the easiest bathroom repairs. Simply return the chain to its original position.

You should ensure that there isn’t too much slack on the lift chain. The lift chain should be less than half an inch loose. Flapper chains that are too long can cause the tank to not drain properly and the flapper could be forced to close. This can be fixed by making simple adjustments. Reduce the slack by unhooking the chain and choosing a link closer to the flapper.

Flappers can become worn over time. A flapper that is broken, warped, or damaged cannot keep a seal. You can purchase a replacement flapper at your local hardware store. Your fill valve can also be affected by a leaking flapper. Check your toilet’s flapper valve as well as your fill valve if you notice a running toilet. If your toilet flapper isn’t working, the fill valve could be to blame.

The problem may be the tank’s water level

To flush a toilet, it must empty at least 80%. A partial flush can occur if the tank isn’t filling up. The toilet will not flush if the tank is empty completely. First, check for obvious things. Check that the water valve behind your toilet is not accidentally turned off. Turn the valve to fix the problem. Then fill the tank with water.

A toilet that does not flush could also be caused by a faulty valve. The water level in the tank may not be at the right level. The water level should not exceed 1 inch from the top of your overflow tube. You should check the overflow tube for cracks. If it is, you can buy a new one or try replacing it yourself. However, a professional plumber should be called to assist you. You may be able to adjust the water valve to adjust the water level if the overflow tube remains intact. Be sure to inspect everything during the initial fill. Then, make at least two or three test flushes to confirm that the problem is solved.

The problem is that the rim holes are clogged

This issue may not occur to you, but it could happen in areas where the water has high levels of calcium, lime, or other minerals. The holes in the bowl’s top rim can become clogged with mineral deposits. These are the holes that allow water into the tank. If they get blocked, the toilet might not flush fully. You can check the holes by inserting and removing a piece of wire. This will help to clear the blockage. You can either add vinegar to the tank or use a toilet cleaner that is specifically designed to remove mineral deposits.

How to Fix a Toilet That Won’t Flush Smiley Drain Cleaning

Contact a professional drain cleaning company

After addressing all the issues, if your toilet doesn’t flush, you should call a professional plumber. Toilet problems can also be caused by other factors that require special tools and training. An experienced plumber can diagnose the problem and will be able to correct it.

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