Grease Trap Cleaning For Your Restaurant or Food Service Business

Our team at Smiley Drain Cleaning offers commercial grease trapping for all your plumbing needs. Conducting any type of sewage or septic maintenance during your peak breakfast, lunch, or dinner service hours is easily a bad idea. We come to you outside of your peak service hours and ensure your grease trap drain stays clean and healthy. All of our grease services are also environmentally-friendly.

What is Grease Trap Cleaning Services

Grease traps have been around for a very long time. They may also be called grease interceptors, converters, catchers, and FOG traps. They are used in many food industry buildings including:

  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Takeaways
  • Bars and Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Schools and colleges
  • Bakeries

Your grease trap is a receptacle that catches wastewater containing food oils and grease. The receptacle is designed to intercept or "trap" the waste while allowing clear water into the main sewer pipe.

How Does a Grease Trap Work?

Grease traps are grease collection devices that are commonly found in restaurant drainage systems, but they may also be in some large residential homes too. Grease traps are fixtures that help trap cooking oils, wax, and fat to prevent them from getting into the sewer main line and drainage system. Grease traps can be essential for preventing clogs and issues down the road. Large amounts of food grease can end up slowing down your drain. Restaurants, cafeterias, and foodservice companies equipped with grease traps should clean them out on a monthly basis, although that exact frequency will depend on the amount of grease generated by the kitchen.

Routine Grease Trap Maintenance

Grease can build up quickly in your pipes and cause a major clog. Neglecting preventive maintenance for your grease trap could cost you lost income if you are unable to serve customers due to a plumbing backup. Restaurants are especially at a risk for backups if they run food down the garbage disposal, as food particles can fill up the grease trap and create a sewer line clog.

Emergency Grease Trap Services