New Jersey Grease Trap Cleaning Service

Grease traps are a major part of the sewage system. They keep fats, oil, and grease out of the waterways. Without them, waste water from homes and restaurants would back up into basements and yards across the city. Grease trap lines not only affect your plumbing but also your environment as a whole!

NJ grease trap cleaning services

Clean Your New Jersey Grease Trap Lines

Your grease trap is an integral part of your restaurant or food business so don’t wait until you have a large blockage or problem. As grease and fat accumulate, they can cause clogs that will affect your appliances. These clogs can cause many problems, including damaged equipment, a bad odor coming from your ventilation system, and potential environmental issues.

These pipes should be flushed out on a regular basis to avoid these problems. Some grease traps have a bypass line that allows for flushing or cleaning without turning off the main water supply.

Commercial & Industrial Grease Traps

Most food establishments, including restaurants, are required by local laws to have a grease trap in their commercial kitchen. The goal of the grease trap is to capture grease as well as fat and oil. The acronym FOG (fat, oil, grease) is an easy way to remember what grease traps capture.

These systems will slow the draining of water and waste so that these substances are allowed to congeal. The congealing makes them too large to pass through the grease trap into the drainage system. Grease traps prevent fat, oil, and grease from entering your restaurant’s plumbing. If they do, they can cause serious problems and expensive repairs.

They also prevent these substances from entering the city water system. Not only will you be fined if more than the minimum amount of FOG enters the city water system from your food business, but the situation can quickly spiral out of control. An overflowing grease trap into the community sewer line can cause serious issues! This will result in water backing up into homes, businesses, and even streets connected to that sewer line. Avoid this problem by having your commercial grease traps cleaned and inspected on a regular basis.

Why Should Grease Traps Be Cleaning in New Jersey

The short and sweet answer is: to prevent clogs and damages. Cleaning a grease trap by yourself is difficult. Not only that, but it’s dirty and time-consuming without the proper tools and equipment. That’s where our professionals enter the picture. Our trained plumbers know exactly how to clean grease traps in a timely and effective manner. They also have the right tools and equipment to do the job quickly.

NJ grease trap cleaning services

NJ Grease Trap Cleaning Services

At Smiley Drain Cleaning we know grease traps! Sure, a normal plumber might be able to do the job, but do they have specific experience with grease traps? When it comes to commercial grease trap lines, our plumbers know EXACTLY what to do. They have extensive experience working on commercial plumbing and grease traps so that they provide the absolute best service and repairs. We also offer a wide variety of related services including inspection, maintenance, repair, and installation. With the help of our grease trap experts, you get up and running quickly.

Grease Trap Inspection and Maintenance

Clean grease trap lines equal a healthy grease trap system. But you should also have them inspected regularly in addition to being cleaned. An inspection will catch any problems before they develop. Routine inspections are also the key to a properly functioning drainage system. We can identify which problems need work and then fix them before they turn into costly repairs. Grease trap inspection and maintenance are a key part of a healthy grease trap system.

Keeping your grease trap healthy is a long-term investment. A well-maintained grease trap pays off in the long run. Regular cleaning increases the efficiency of your grease traps by removing food particles, sludge, and scum that can clog lines and harm pumps. This prolongs the life of your trap system. Meanwhile, you can rest assured that your traps are clean and working effectively.

Grease Trap Cleaning Costs in New Jersey

The cost of keeping a grease trap clean is far less than having to repair damaged plumbing systems. Not to mention the inconvenience and lost business of a full-scale restaurant or foodservice facility shutdown. At Smiley Drain Cleaning, we offer affordable and safe grease trap cleaning services.

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How to Clean Grease Trapes Help

The job of a grease trap is inherently a dirty one! They receive large amounts of fats, oils, and grease on a daily basis. Of course, problems will arise if proper maintenance isn’t used. The best way to maintain the life of your grease trap system is regular cleaning. A service like ours keeps an eye out while cleaning your grease traps for any repairs or maintenance that needs to be completed. This way we’re performing an inspection on your grease trap during the cleaning process. Simply put, cleaning your grease trap lines on a regular basis will keep the system working well for years into the future.

Start Maintaining Your Great Traps Today!

Don’t wait! Your grease trap is imperative to your food establishment. Put off clean grease trap lines and you might experience a serious problem in the middle of a busy day or even rush hour. There’s usually no getting around such a disaster when it happens. Your restaurant will have to shut down until cleaning or repairs can be made. So, check with us for a regular grease trap cleaning schedule. We normally recommend they be cleaned about every month, but it depends on the specific building and drainage system. Protect your grease traps with our cleaning and maintenance services.