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New Jersey Drain Cleaning Facts

5 Facts to Know About Drain Cleaning

Professional drain cleaning is an important plumbing job for your home or business. It’s also misunderstood, and this leads to many new jersey homeowners neglecting to have it done at the right time, or attempting to do it in a way that ends up creating more problems.

We handle drain cleaning projects throughout north and central New Jersey. so we have an in-depth understanding of the best way to handle this service and the best times to have it done. To improve your home life with better plumbing, we’d like to go over some important facts about drain cleaning to help clear up some of the most frequent misunderstandings about this service.

Drain Cleaning Should Be Routine Maintenance

If you think drain cleaning is something you need only when you’ve got a major clog in a toilet, sink, shower, or other drains in the home, then you’re right! However, drain cleaning is not something only for emergencies. We strongly recommend you schedule drain cleaning with us each year. Drain cleaning needs to be a regular part of the maintenance schedule, like changing the oil in the family car or getting an annual flu shot for yourself and your loved ones.

As long as water flows through it regularly (i.e., not blocked by soap scum build-up or other debris), then your drain line should remain clear without expensive excavation work that might run into hundreds if not thousands of dollars in some cases! It’s important to remember that many drains do clog up occasionally, and a plunger may take care of most minor sink, tub, shower, toilet clogs all on its own with very little effort at all from homeowners.

Store Bought Drain Cleaners May Do More Harm Your Plumbing System

Commercially available drain cleaners are advertised heavily on television and the internet, so we understand why homeowners often think they’re the answer to drain cleaning issues. But no professional plumber uses these chemicals or recommends anyone else use them. They can temporarily unclog a drain, but they don’t remove the build-up. They also don’t clean much at all, and the clogs will soon come back.

Drain cleaners can also corrode metal pipes and degrade rubber hoses, causing problems with both water lines and sewer lines in the house.

To be fair, there are some drain cleaning products that cause little or no damage to plumbing systems if they’re used correctly (according to label directions) by homeowners. However, these types of chemicals should not be considered a permanent solution for clogs because they only clean the surface of blocked drains, allowing future blockages to occur more quickly than ever before.

The best way to avoid having plumbing issues is to ensure you have professional help when needed so residents don’t needlessly waste their money on expensive “over the counter” chemicals which will never completely fix the problem.

Drain Snakes Are Great, But Professional Plumber Have Better Tools

Aside from the plunger, there’s another tool that’s helpful for simple clogs: the drain snake, aka the drain auger. A simple hand-cranked drain snake inserted into a drain can often clear out obstructions. But professional plumbers have motorized drain snakes capable of getting through the most obstinate clogs that. They can be much faster and more thorough than a hand-cranked store-bought version.

Motorized drain snakes are expensive tools, and you only want expert plumbers using them on your drains. If a professional plumber has to crawl under your house or into the sewer with one of these tools, that’s what he does.

Hydro-Jetting Is the Best Drain Cleaning Method

Our plumbers use drain snakes when they think they’re the best approach to cleaning out clogs. But when it comes to comprehensive preventive drain cleaning, we use hydro-jetting equipment. Water jetters scour the inside of drainpipes with powerful blasts of high-pressure water. It’s safe for the drains and leaves them free of build-up and debris. Leaving your sewer lines in “like new” condition. Hydro-jetting is what makes professional drain cleaning so … professional!

Your Plumbing System Could Be Impacting Your Health

Clogs can have a negative impact on your health, but you need to remember to never try and resolve it yourself. Having a blockage in your sewer line is not only a breeding ground for bacteria and mold but also other dangerous contaminants that may make you extremely ill. Handling a clogged drain is not a “DIY” task, for your own health and safety, call in a professional plumbing technician to resolve the clog as soon as possible.

When to Call for Drain or Sewer Cleaning Services

Many things can tell a person that his sewer line requires cleaning. A clogged sewer line may lead to effects such as unpleasant sewer smells, unusually slow drains, pipes that make bubbling sounds, and water backups. You should also consider getting an inspection to ensure your sewer is functioning properly.

You should call in an expert if:

  • Your drain is severely clogged and draining slowly even after using every tool available including drain snake.
  • If you have tried snaking from both ends and still don’t get results.
  • The problem seems like it’s more than a simple clog, it could be roots, which require some seriously heavy duty drain tools!

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