Drain Cleaning Services for Clogged Drains

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Plumbing Company New Jersey

Drain Cleaning & Repair

Drain cleaning services and maintenance for pipes of all types. Including kitchen drains, bathroom drains, floor drains, and more.

Hydro Jetting Services

Hydro Jetting Services

Are you experiencing a backup in your pipes? Our hydro-jetting service provides a powerful way to get your pipes cleared and cleaned.

Sewer & Drain Cleaning New Jersey

Sewer Cleaning & Repair

The sewer line is the main section of your water and drainage system. The sewer lines take all the wastewater from all your drains and send it out of the house.

Essex County Plumbing Services

Residential & Commercial Drain Cleaning

Our drain experts will come in and effectively handle any plumbing and drain issues that you may have at your home or business. 

Sewer Cleaning Service

Plumbing Camera Inspection

Want to pinpoint your drain problem with a video camera plumbing inspection? We can come out and perform a detailed camera inspection to give you peace of mind.

Emergency Plumbing Services

24/7 Emergency Services

At Smiley Drain, we are available 24/7. We employ local expert plumbers that allow us to provide our customers with a solution anytime!

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We have assembled a group of expert service technicians who have one common goal: customer satisfaction. Our field techs are available and ready to take care of any of your plumbing, sewer, and drain cleaning needs; from maintenance, service repairs, and installations. For your safety and security, all of our staff have had an extensive background check and are drug tested to ensure your comfort and satisfaction. We are proudly based in Caldwell, NJ, and are family-owned and operated. We believe our service makes the difference.

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There Is a reason that New Jersey homeowners have trust Smiley Drain for all their plumbing and drain cleaning needs. Our ease of service and attention to detail gives property owners the confidence to turn to us time and again. When you work with us, there is no job too big or too small. Regardless of whether you need a quick drain cleaning or have a major sewer clog, our licensed, expertly-trained technicians will work with the same care and precision.

At Smiley Drain, we have worked relentlessly to build a team of technicians and office staff that are knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Each and every person we have brought on board is someone that we would entrust with our own homes, and the difference this passion makes is clear. Our customers know that when they call us, they are getting a team that will use their extensive knowledge and experience to provide fast and effective solutions.

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Drain Cleaning and Sewer Services

Smiley Drain's expert plumbers can assist with any type of clogged drain. We offer residential and commercial drain cleaning services, taking care of clogged bathroom drains, clogged kitchen drains, clogged outdoor drains, and clogged sewer lines 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Residential Drain Cleaning Services Near Me

Located in Caldwell, NJ, we serve the entire Essex County and surrounding regions. As a homeowner, if you've had prior experience from a clog that just simply would not budge despite how much time and hard work, it may be time to contact the plumbing professionals at Smiley Drain. As experienced plumbers, we understand that unclogging drains is a craft that takes meticulousness, experience, and the know-how to get your drainage problems solved quickly.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Near Me

When a commercial drain clogs, it impacts all aspects of your business and commercial property. This can lead to lost revenue and missing opportunities. Using industrial-grade equipment and utilizing the most up to date technology, we are able to fix your commercial clogs with speed and ease. Smiley Drain specializes in drain cleaning services to commercial buildings including apartment complexes, restaurants, clinics, shops, warehouses, and offices. We work swiftly to unclog your drains so you can get back to business.

Our Drain Cleaners are Trained to Address Any Drain Clog and Sewer Problem

As professional New Jersey drain cleaners, we are aware of the many means that clogged drains can have a bearing on your home. Drainage problems can lead to a home flood and cause larger problems overall in your home. We are aware of a healthy functioning home may be threatened by any sort of drain problem. Small issues with clogged drains can become major trouble if not properly taken care of in a timely manner. Drainage issues in a single part of a home can quickly disperse to another area causing substantial damage. Water backups in a shower or bathtub drain might not be limited to a single area. Water from a clogged drain in the shower may clog into a nearby toilet or possibly in a washing machine drain. These types of sewer backups may make individuals vulnerable in the home to raw sewage, which is a significant health concern. We can help eradicate these problems by eliminating the source of the problem rapidly and efficiently with expert drain cleaning in Caldwell, NJ. Corrosion and extensive debris buildup will not disappear by itself but must be eliminated professionally. Using a plunger in the toilet may work momentarily, but may not address the main cause of the problem. It is more sensible to eliminate the reasons for the clog to prevent future problems from occurring. Unaddressed plumbing problems will only get more severe and eventually resurface.

Sewer Clogs & Services Near Me

Your sewer line is a big portion of your drainage system. The primary job of your sewer line is to take all the wastewater from the drains and deliver it out of your house and into the sewer that is treated by the city. Sewer lines are much bigger than your drains, but there are many causes that could require sewer cleaning. Sewer lines can collect all of the debris that has been flushed and emitted down the drain, which can accumulate and cause a sewer line clog. Also, another reason for a clogged sewer line is tree roots.  Tree roots can get into joints and cracks from your sewer line looking for water and nutrients.

Professional Rooter Service

Our rooter service in Caldwell offers a contemporary solution to drain cleaning that is created to disrupt and get rid of all varieties of clogs in pipes and in sewers systems. Caldwell drain cleaners employ tools that deal with any clogs that impact a home's plumbing system. The main purpose of the rooter is to eliminate clogs and get rid of a blockage. A Caldwell rooter service promptly addresses any plumbing concerns and works to correct any problems quickly and adequately. They will determine the magnitude of the clog based upon several different indicators. Many small clogs will affect the home appliances in a small region and are probably the outcome of some organic material build-up like hair, undissolved soap, or snippets of food. Garbage disposals may become clogged and cause significant sink drain problems. Clogs within garbage disposal usually arise from trying to dispose of materials that are best thrown away in the trash. Many food scraps including potato peelings are not meant to be placed in the disposal. Professional rooter services will be needed when the food is embedded in the P trap under the sink.

Benefits of Employing Our Rooter Service

Drain problems can easily be a nightmare for a lot of homeowners. Some homeowners choose to try to fix these problems on their own but discover that their limited knowledge of plumbing is a hindrance. They find that by calling our drain cleaning company in Caldwell, they can in fact save money ultimately. Many people have limited handyman skill-sets and require the proficiency of professionals to correct the problem swiftly and effectively. Rigid sewer problems that have an effect on lines and drainpipes can have a significant effect on how the plumbing functions in your home. As professionals, we provide services for drain cleaning in Caldwell, NJ. The cause of a ceased up toilet may be more complicated than it appears. Once plungers do not work, it is time to find professional help. Our team can determine if the problem is an outcome of sediment backup or corrosion. We search for underlying root causes of drain problems and sewer backups by utilizing the most up-to-date technological resources and devices to evaluate lines and pipes. We find that tree roots can get into sewer pipes and create damage that rooter services can easily detect and restore.

Hydro Jetting Near Me

Hydro jetting is pressurized water that is blasted through a drain to unclog and cleanse your drainage line. It basically is a high-pressure system with specialized nozzles that project a powerful stream of water. This is particularly is great due to the fact that it will consume any clog including grease, excess hair, mineral build-up, tree roots, and accumulated debris. The biggest benefit of hydro jetting is that it can remove and get rid of almost any blockage. Nevertheless, this should only be done by a  qualified and experienced plumber to ensure that you're less likely to get damaged to your current plumbing system.

Plumbing Video Camera Inspections

At Smiley Drain, we use the latest technology including a waterproof plumbing video camera. Our video inspection enables us to save you money.  We can promptly and quickly identify issues that need to get taken care of. We offer plumbing solutions without wrecking your home. If you are experiencing plumbing problems, call the Smiley Drain plumbing experts for fast and easy diagnosis.

Emergency Plumber

Smiley Drain employees expert plumbers who are on call 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Our team provides unexpected emergency plumbing and drain services 365 days a year! We offer our emergency plumbing services for residential, commercial, and industrial facilities. Our plumbers provide a complete array of emergency services.

Contact Emergency Plumber Near Me

Contact us anytime day or night for emergency drain and plumbing.  We provide the fastest emergency plumbing services in Essex county.   Our expert drain professionals are on call day or night.  When you are faced with an emergency situation, getting your problems to solve as fast as possible is essential to eliminating further plumbing issues.  Call us today at (973) 764-5393 or fill out our contact form.